# Installation

There are two primary ways of using RELE.AI (opens new window):

  1. Install the Official CLI (opens new window).
  2. Install the Node SDK (opens new window).

# Release Notes

Latest Node SDK: npm

Latest CLI: npm

Detailed release notes for each version are available on GitHub (opens new window).


RELE.AI (opens new window) provides an official CLI (opens new window) for quickly scaffolding external applications. It includes tools to simplify, manage, and monitor the build process. It takes only minutes to get up and running with hot-reload, lint-on-save, predefined workflows, and production-ready builds.


The CLI assumes prior knowledge of Node.js and the associated build tools.

To install the CLI globally:


yarn install global @releai/cli


npm install -g @releai/cli

# Package Managers

You can build your own custom RELE.AI environment by installing our node sdk.


yarn install @releai/rb-node-sdk


npm install @releai/rb-node-sdk