# Application Actions

An App Actions describes a particular endpoint in the external service.

Each AppActions associated with App.

The relationship between Opearations and AppActions is that AppActions defines the way in which the action can be performed (method type, action name, etc.) and opeartion is an instance of a specific app-action within a specific workflow (provides the body request, the logic, etc.)


In case you develop your integration using the gRPC protocol, the key provided under app action will be the name of the handler you will need to implement.

# Creating an App Action

The following is a full example of an AppActions config.

# define the type of the config to AppAction
# in order to describe handlers within your app
type: AppAction

# select the matching application
    # point to hello_world_app
    app: hello_world_app

# define the identifier action key
key: say_hi

# display name
  en: Say Hi

# define the request settings
  # relevant only for REST request
  method: POST

  # uri path to the relevant endpoint (relevant only on REST)
  uri: /path/to/endpoint

  # additional headers. In case of gRPC
  # the headers will be appended to the metadata
          data: some-api-key-example
          type: raw

# Attribtues

Attribute Name Type Description
type string Define the configurations type. Full list of support types can be found here
display_name DisplayName The workflow's display name.
request Request The request's object
key string A config identifier - must includes only a-b or 0-9 or _