# Application

An Application describes the base connection between RELE.AI and external services.

You describe the desired destination and base request information in an Application config. The Application config bequeaths the defined settings to all the related Application Actions configs.

# Creating an Application

The following is a full example of an Application config. It creates a simple "Hello World" application within RELE.AI.

# describe the config type
type: App

# point to the app's base url
base_url: https://example.com

# determine if the add using TLS
tls: false

# display name for UI purposes per language
    en: Example

# access protocol - gRPC or REST
protocol: gRPC

# request base attribtues
# every attribute that will be set at the app
# level will be bequeaths to all the Apps
    # additional headers. In case of gRPC
    # the headers will be appended to the metadata
            data: some-api-key-example
            type: raw

    # additional body attributes

    # additional query attributes

# app config identifier
key: hello_world

# Attribtues

Attribute Name Type Description
type string Define the configurations type. Full list of support types can be found here
base_url string A valid domain that points to the external application
protocol string The method for executing the request: gRPC or REST are supported
request Request Base request attributes that will be bequeaths to the rest of the AppActions
tls bool TLS definition
key string A config identifier - must includes only a-b or 0-9 or _